Fidget Cubes versus Spinners: Which is Better?

The American schoolyards have been set afire with a new craze that is spreading across the entire country, and even in the neighbouring countries – the fidget toys.

They are a sensation these days and have been a topic of much discussion. Some love it, and swear by their benefits, while others are driven to the point of madness by their sudden ubiquity. Whichever group you belong to, you cannot argue the fact that their sudden acceptance by kids and adults alike must be because of some strong reason. Every generation has had its share of meaningless toys that did nothing but entertains them, be it the yo-yos, the slap bracelets, or the Glock G19s.

Fidget cube or spinner?


Today, the fidget devices are taking over the schools and that may actually be a good thing, for a change. There are many types of fidget toys in the market. But, the most popular are the fidget spinners and the fidget cubes. Let’s find out which one of them is better.

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are incredibly easy to use. You hold a bearing in the centre and rotate the outstretching arms. That’s it. There is nothing special about what they do. Yet, they are a mesmerising sight to behold. There is a certain Zen-like calm in watching these things at work. They have the power to transform a fully functional, absolutely normal human being into a cat chasing the laser light. Clearly, they deserve some credit for bringing a great sense of peace and calm to you.



Then there is the social aspect of these toys. Everyone at the school has a fidget spinner and is always competing with each other on whose spinner makes the longest spin. It is a harmless game. Children get a sense of belonging when they have a fidget spinner which they can use to play with others.

A nice thing about fidget spinners is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The basic body structure remains the same. But, they all look different from each other. So, you could be showing off your spinner to your friends, who would be sharing their cool spinner as well. A great thing about a fidget spinner is that you can keep it in your pocket inconspicuously as they slide right in. That makes them easy to store and carry.


The only major issue with a fidget spinner is that after a while, the users may get bored by all the spinning. After all, you can enjoy a repetitive task for only so much longer. Of course, everybody is different. Some might love their fidget spinners to death.

Fidget Cubes

Fidget cubes offer 6 different fidgeting functions, unlike the fidget spinners. You can turn gears, play with a joystick, spin a disc, switch a button on and off, rub a soft surface, or press any of the 5 buttons. Whenever you get bored of one, you try the other.

If you are a pen-clicker or a table topper, then you will probably love the fidget cubes more. Mind you, they are not for everyone, just like the fidget spinners.


In a way, a fidget cube is a lot more unassuming than the fidget spinner. Much of the value that you get with a fidget spinner comes from watching it in action. In the case of fidget cube, you simply hold it in your hands and fidget away without even looking at it. That doesn’t mean that a fidget spinner is for watching only. A lot of spinner users also love to continuously spin it, while focusing on the task at hand. But, the cube offers no visual value, which makes it less of a distraction and more of a focus inducer.

The fidget cube offers no social value either. You don’t see two grown men, or even kids for that matter, competing whose cube is better for rubbing. So, if a sense of belonging is what you seek, then the cube does not offer that.


There is one area where the fidget cube is at a significant disadvantage and that is its portability. The fidget cube is, well, a cube. It sits oddly in pockets. So, you will either look silly with it in your pockets or keep it in your bag, which means you cannot take it everywhere you go. There are now fidget cube carry cases in the market, which is even sillier.


Every person is different and needs a different kind of distraction to cope with their fidgeting. What works for one, does not always work for another. So, it is completely a personal choice which fidget is better for you.

That being said, the fidget cube wins hands down when it comes to exercising the muscles and relaxing your mind. By not requiring you to pay your complete attention, the fidget cube offers a better way to focus and concentrate.

At the end of the day, what matters is what you want from your fidgeting device. Choose the device that suits your typical fidgeting needs.

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