What are Fidget Cubes? What Makes Them So Popular?

We have all been in situations that take us out of our comfort zone and throw us out into the world. Our only defence mechanism against it? Fidgeting. Some of us bite our nails, some tap away at the side pockets of our trousers, while some of us take out of our smartphones and pretend to use them even though they ran out of battery two hours ago. We have all been there, done that. But, some of us take this behaviour to the extreme.

We can’t stop fidgeting. We have too much nervous energy. We cannot sit through a boring lecture or meeting like everybody else. We start pushing the button of our pen, tap the tables with pens, or even constantly reposition ourselves in our seats. This is because we are unable to concentrate on the task at hand. We are unable to focus on what is important. And, these unassuming toys, the fidget cubes could be the saviours we need. So, let’s understand what they are in more detail.

What is a Fidget Cube?

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A fidget cube is a small handheld cube that features a variety of accoutrements on all of its faces. You will find gears, joystick, spinning disc, rocker switch, rubbing stone, and 5 buttons on each of the faces of the cube. They all have one and only one purpose – to occupy your hands, your senses and the part of your brain that is always restless.

Does that sound vaguely familiar?

That’s because this sounds exactly like meditation, and it is quite like it. What really happens during meditation is that you focus that part of your brain that is fickle and unwieldy on a task that doesn’t require a lot of brain power. For instance, breathing. Yoga and meditation teach you how to master your senses by preoccupying them with menial tasks. Now, this is exactly what fidget cubes do too. They help your mind be at peace.

Regain Your Focus

Fidget cubes are a great invention. They are designed to help you increase your focus, concentration, and attention in the most non-traditional way.


Unlike meditation or yoga, fidget cubes do not help you become less fidgety on a physical level. Instead, they allow you to channel your restlessness in a more harmless direction. Say, if you are tossing your paperweight and catching it because you are nervous, you might break it. Biting your nails might hurt your fingers. Similarly, other fidgety actions can either cause damage or irritation to people around you. With fidget cubes, you will certainly not be damaging anything or anyone. Moreover, because of their increased social acceptance as a legitimate anxiety reduction tool, you will be causing less to no irritation to those around you.

The advantage of a fidget cube as a self-soothing tool is that its results are immediate. Meditation and yoga require the practitioner to have at least enough self-control to follow the daily routine without fail. Thus, making those choices a huge challenge for people who suffer from attention deficit and procrastination problems.



The fidget cube, on the other hand, does not demand anything from their users. They address their users’ fidgeting problem from day 1 with minimum effort from the users’ side. While they continue to fidget physically, their mind will be at peace.

Who Invented These Toys?

Fidget spinner draws its inspiration from the fidget cube, which was originally invented in 1993 but went viral in 2016-2017. The sudden rise in popularity of the fidget spinner spawned a number of fidget toy ideas. Among them, the fidget cube is the most popular and successful one.

The fidget cube was designed by Antsy Labs. But, it was first brought to the mass market by Matthew and Mark McLachlan, who ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to implement their idea. Their business idea was a huge hit, and they ended up releasing their fidget cubes to the world in early 2017.



Are They Really Useful?

Fidget cubes are only as useful as you want them to be. They are definitely not a long term solution. The day you quit using them, you will simply continue with your old fidgeting ways. However, they have no known side-effects so far, which makes them good enough. They do not cost much. So, if you are looking for a quick and affordable solution to help you improve your focus and concentrate, then the fidget cubes are quite effective.

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